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News Spazio
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RE: News Spazio
Il risveglio dopo una lunga e gelida notte:

China’s Chang’e-4 lunar lander and Yutu II rover wake up after long, frozen night on dark side of the moon

Citazione:China's lunar lander Chang'e-4 and lunar rover Yutu II have woken up after their first night on the dark side of the moon.
The two machines autonomously came out of "sleep mode" in accordance with the angle of the sun after enduring extreme low temperatures, reads a statement the China National Space Administration sent to the Global Times on Thursday.
Chang'e-4 woke up at 8:39 pm on Wednesday Beijing Time and the Yutu II lunar rover woke up at around 8 pm Tuesday as the sun shone upon them, the space agency said. 
Key devices have powered up according to a scheduled program and the two machines are functioning properly, indicating they safely passed their first lunar night.
One lunar day and night is about 28 Earth days and nights. Such long periods at such low temperatures pose serious challenges to the survival of the lunar probe.
A radioisotope heat source installed on the Chang'e-4 continuously provided heat to the machines.
The rover is currently 18 meters northwest to the lander and their data exchange with Earth is stable thanks to the Queqiao relay satellite...

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31-01-2019, 12:27 PM
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